Firearms Safety Course – Categories AB & H

Located in the Fraser Coast, Tactical Firearms provides Firearms Safety Courses for Weapons Licensing in QLD.
Our QLD Police approved instructors provide 10618NAT Course in Firearms Safety for Categories A, B, H, C, D & M.

To apply for a QLD Weapons Licence you are required to successfully complete a firearms safety course in the category or categories you wish to apply for. Once you have successfully completed the firearms safety course, a nationally recognised statement of attainment will be issued to you from RTO Provider #41097 which will reflect the units of competence completed on the firearms safety course.

Workplace Training provides Nationally Recognised Training in partnership with Ballistic Training Solutions RTO #41097.

Classroom Theory Lesson (am) – The Blue Shades Motel 35/39 Ferry St. Maryborough.
Live Firing Practical (pm) – SSAA Fraser Coast, 933 Churchill Mines Rd, turnoff Dundathu.

In order to participate in this course, students must meet the following requirements:

1. Must be over 18 years of age
2. Children of at least 11 years of age may apply for a Minors Licence. Must have written permission to attend the course.
3. Must not have any physical or other impairment which would prevent you from handling firearms safely – if unsure, seek advice from your GP or contact us to discuss suitability.
4. Must not have, within the past five years, been convicted of a disqualifying offence including misuse of drugs, misuse of weapons, the use or threatened use of violence, or been the subject of a domestic violence protection order.
6. Must not have been a subject to an involuntary mental health order in the past five years.

Categories A & B (Rifles, Shotguns, Paintball) – $100
Category H (Semi-Automatic Pistols, Revolvers, Air Pistols) – $100
Categories A, B & H (Semi-Automatic Pistols, Revolvers, Air Pistols, Rifles and Shotguns) – $130
Category C (Pump Action Shotguns. Semi-Automatic Shotguns and Semi-Automatic Rim Fire Rifles) – $150
Category D – Occupational Only – (Semi Automatic Centre Fire Rifles, Semi-Automatic Rim Fire Rifles with magazine capacity greater than 10 rounds, Pump Action and Semi-Automatic Shotguns with magazine capacity greater than 5 rounds) – $180
Category M – Crossbows – $130

Cost includes all reference material, range hire, firearms hire, targets and all ammunition.

Please Call Tactical Firearms on 1300 FIREARMS (1300 347 327) for any questions or enquiries.